Welcome to our Realty Management Services!  We are here to help you with all your property management needs. We are a full service property management company, specializing in the management of single family and multi-family properties, commercial properties, homeowners associations.  We serve the all 3 districts( Vizag, Vizanagaram, Srikakulam).

How it works?

The client could employ several consultancies or one consultancy to advise on everything. Either way, one consultant organization will often oversee the project on behalf of the client.

Common consultant organizations include:

architecture practices
cost consultancy (quantity surveying) employers
civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering employers.
Consultants, then, look after the design phase of the project – they design the structure and work out how much that design will cost to build. Once this has been established, they decide which construction contractor should do the construction work. Contractors have to ‘bid’ for the work – put a case for why they are the best.


The client decides what it wants to build, the timeframe in which it should be built and how much it should cost.


Once the contractor has won the work from the consultants, construction begins on site. Contractors ensure the project is built to the agreed quality, budget and timeframe. They take instructions about the design from the design consultancy and run any design-related problems past them.


Final delivery of the project as per agreement norms.